We have trademarked our technique with the US patent office. No SNIP is an acronym meaning that there is no scalpel, no need no incision and no pain. There is no pain.

Our technique is different from a conventional vasectomy in the way it is performed surgically.

Reasons for having a No SNIP vasectomy as compared to other methods of vasectomy are the following:.

  • No use of scalpel needle or incision.
  • No PAIN.
  • No stitches.
  • Quicker to perform.
  • Quicker and easier recovery.
  • More effective.
  • Lesser chances of complications like bleeding.

    During Vasectomy

    On the day of the surgery, you should arrive at the facility about 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Once checked in, you will be taken to the procedure room. Your vitals will be checked.

    What takes place during surgery

    • You will be asked to lie on the table and cover yourself with a sheet.
    • The doctor will examine you to see if you are good to have the procedure.
    • The procedure site will be washed with antiseptic solution.
    • Sterile drapes will be placed over you except the scrotal area.
    • Local anesthesia without needle will be administered. You will feel like you have been hit by a rubber band.
    • After a local anesthetic is administered, a small puncture is made in the scrotum. (The puncture in the skin does not require a scalpel.)
    • One vas deferens is lifted through the puncture opening. The vas is cut, and a section is removed. You may feel a pulling sensation during this process but no pain. The two ends of the vas are heat sealed (cauterized), tied with soft silk, before being returned to the scrotum. An identical procedure is performed on the other side.