Following are a few of a large number of satisfied and happy patients.

I am in complete awe

I am in complete awe as to how fast and painless this procedure was. I was a little nervous but the professionalism of the Dr and staff made me very comfortable and it helped that they had music playing to lighten the mood. The only pain I felt lasted a few seconds. You will be a little sore for obvious reasons so just give yourself a couple of days and you'll be as good as new. Would highly recommend this office if you and your wife/ partner are planning to not have children.

David F

I had the procedure and

I had the procedure and I was very nervous throughout. I was very happy with DR Agha and his staff were all very nice and professional. Everything went very well. Very little pain, if any. Was a little sore, but I was fine after 2 days. Thanks a lot!

Chris D

I had my procedure done

I had my procedure done now over 1 month ago and I have to say that my experience was very pleasant and professional. Dr Arif was through in explaining the procedure ahead of with my spouse and I and made us feel comfortable. The procedure was truly no pain, and I am still surprised how quickly it was completed. I would highly recommend anyone considering vasectomy to Dr Arif!

Ronald Trinidad

"No SNIP" is definitely the


"No SNIP" is definitely the way to go here. Dr Agha made the proceedure painless - it was relatively quick. Seriously, I was freaked before hand - looking back on it - it was simple. I view a vasectomy the same way I view dental work - I expect to be a little uncomfortable but pain free. Dr Agha met these standard

Doug R

I knew it was a

I knew it was a simple procedure but still had some deeper fears. I went for a consultation with Dr. Agha and felt very assured. The procedure was easy, short and painless. His staff was extremely helpful and med me comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Agha for his professionalism.

Benjamin, B

After a few years of

After a few years of dread and fear of a vasectomy, I finally mustered courage. I was impressed by Dr. Agha and his staff. He was very through in his explanation. There was no pain and his staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. The procedure took about 20 minutes and I was back to work the next day without any problems. I highly recommend Dr. Agha for vasectomy.

Andrew T

A few of my friends

A few of my friends had told me horror stories of vasectomies. I must confess that my experience was completely opposite. I had read about Dr. Agha that he is a specialist in this field. He not only performs vasectomies, but also he reverses them. He is very skilled in such surgeries. I had no pain. I was relaxed and walked out in 30 minutes. There was no incision, no stiches. He numbed me with a spray and that was all.

Mathew H

I had my vasectomy done

I had my vasectomy done recently by Dr. Agha. It was a painless and easy procedure. Thank you, Dr. Agha, for your dedication to bring about quality results.

David R

I was amazed how quick

I was amazed how quick and easy was the procedure. Dr. Agha did everything possible to make me comfortable and put my mind at ease before, during and afterwards.

Joshua B

We recently had an “oops”

We recently had an “oops” pregnancy after my younger sons 7th birthday. My wife had been on the pill. We discussed the options and I decided to move forward with Vasectomy.

Brain S