We accept almost all PPO commercial insurances. We do not accept HMOs.

Prior to scheduling your procedure, you are advised to call your insurance company for coverage. They may ask you various questions. Please let them know that Procedure Code for the Vasectomy is (55450) and the Diagnosis Code (Z30.2). The procedure is done in office. For in-network benefits, let them know that Dr. Agha will perform the procedure under Vasectomy Specialist Clinics of Chicago. You may want to ask your insurance company about your co-pay for the office visit and for the surgery and if you have met your deductibles. Please get a reference number or case number of your conversation.


After the above information, call our office at 312-473-7647 or email at to schedule your office visit and the procedure of vasectomy.

For self-pay patients, the total cost is $1500.00 ($250 for consult plus $1250 for surgery).